At Heart Eco we are committed to making a difference. We have donated over 4 487 tons of reclaimed materials including but not exclusive to timber, boards, materials, machinery and equipment to various ecommunity services. We are strong believers in teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish for just a day. Your personal contribution of time and teachings are valuable to these ecommunity services. Material, tools, equipment and machines are other mediums which can be provided to ecommunity services to facilitate the empowerment of individuals to become creative and resourceful having to face an ever hard, challenging society.

Phezukomkhono Social Services

Their Story

Phezukomkhono Social Services is a local Kwa-Zulu Natal non-profit organisation. We originally formed in 1988 but were only able to officially registered the organisation with the department of Social Development in 1994, when South Africa became a democracy. Prior to 1994 we were restricted from registering as a result of oppressive Apartheid laws. We were one of the first non-profit organisations to register in the country and are still going strong to this day. We have been empowering and developing communities for the past 26 years. Our organisation was founded by Vincent Mfeka, an inspiring individual who has dedicated his life to Phezukomkhono Social Services and the empowerment of communities. Phezukomkhono Social Services provides some of the essential teachings needed for sustainable living.

Our primary focus is empowerment through the acquisition of skills and education.

For example we teach people reading and writing skills. We know that these skills are the foundation for effective and sustainable social development.

Many people care for children, some not even their own. Whether due to parents passing away or due to a number of other reasons, many are served a plate of circumstances they are not prepared for. We help them by giving them the skills needed to manage and cope with the demanding role of caring for a child.

Planting seeds, caring for and harvesting plants is another aspect taught by our organisation that gives the community the skills required for them to successfully grow gardens that flourish.

Product creation skills using environmentally friendly materials We give community members the opportunity to learn to create various products using materials including reclaimed timber, building products like, tables, benches and kennels. The participants are soon on their way to becoming aspiring carpenters and craftsman alike. Our association with Heart Eco has been hugely supportive of our initiative.

We recognise the unequivocal connection between ones health and the environment and how the two work in unison. We teach the community how to properly care for their health and the health of those around them as well as how to care for their environment.

South Africa has the largest population of people with HIV of any country in the world sitting at 5.9 million. We focus on teaching people living with disease, how to manage, treat and cope with it. With the ever improving development of effective Antiretroviral medication it is possible to live a full and happy life. We show the community that this is possible and give them the tools they need to live the life they want, despite the disease.


Phezukomkhono Social Services depends on the support of the greater community. Contact Vincent via the contact details below to see how you can get involved in making a difference to a community in need of support.

Contact Person
Founder – Vincent Mfeka

Lot 1
Umkhunya Mission Far

Contact Number
072 808 0374


Postal Address
P.O.Box 61691

NPO Number

Fund Raising Number

Careline Crisis Centre

Their Story

Since 1995 and as solid partner of the Hillcrest SAP we have been responding to call outs. With many of our other partners, SAP, SA Can, Vema, Doctors, hospitals and the community we are available to assist at anytime. We have a 24 hour help desk where crisis calls are attended to telephonically or at our site, but in most cases we assist on scene. Appointments can be made to see a voluntary debriefer, counsellor or social worker at Careline Crisis Centre. We also support, where possible, The District Surgeon, The Welfare, NPO’s and other Organisations in Kwa-zulu Natal.

We are actively involved in our community with various outreach programmes and school projects. We sponsor 350 Molweni orphans with food, clothing, stationary, etc. Our awareness and prevention programmes regarding substance abuse are carried out at many schools. We do drug and alcohol testing at schools, companies and on site Careline. We also assist with helping establish other smaller crisis centres. Visit Careline Community Projects for more information.

We also operate a large halfway house accommodating 50 beneficiaries providing post trauma recovery. Beneficiaries include those recovering from chemical addiction which is a growing problem in all countries. We place much emphasis on life-skills training which remedies the primary cause leading to addiction in the first place.

We are excited when we see lives made whole and even more excited when we see those who’ve been made whole themselves becoming catalysts of change.


Careline seeks those who share this passion to join hands with us.

36 Assagay Road, Assagay, 3610

Help Desk Ph / Fax
(031) 765 1587 / (031) 765 1314

082 787 6452 / 082 822 7981


Postal Address
P.O. Box 1910

NPO Number

PBO Number

Horizon Trust

Their Story

The Horizon Farm Trust is a Non Profit and Public Benefit Organisation registered in South Africa, located in rural Shongweni halfway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal.

Horizon Farm has been born out of the dream to establish a caring place providing lifelong accommodation and meaningful occupation for mentally disabled adults. The trust was founded in 1994 by parents of intellectually challenged children, recognizing the need for after school services and a stimulating, therapeutic and loving environment.

The outdoor lifestyle offered by the 30 acre farm purchased in 2004, in combination with trained and dedicated staff, ensures meaningful occupation, opportunities for growth and development for every resident. Therapeutic intervention ranges from daily chores in the care for small animals, work in the grounds and the vegetable garden to the care for the nine horses on the farm. Animal assisted therapy and horse assisted therapy in particular are an important ground stone for the services provided by the Horizon Farm Trust.

The dream to build a supportive living space for mentally impaired adults has grown to expand the services to benefit children with disabilities and learners from the local communities. Close to 25 permanent residents and approximately 30 visiting children a week take advantage of the holistic stimulation schedule offered by Horizon Farm. Ad hoc intervention, recreational and therapeutic programmes for at-risk-youth include short stay opportunities, camping facilities and guided community service placements. The Horizon Farm Trust provides a unique set of services and is faced with an increasing waiting list.

Responsible entrepreneurship, ranging from employing formerly disadvantaged locals, the use of renewable energy and sustainability, are vital principles. The Horizon Farm is a registered charity with exemption from section 18(A) of the Income Tax Act.

Our organisation is home to approximately 20 mentally and physically impaired adults, small animals like rabbits, guinnea pigs, cats, dogs, pigs and chickens and six happy horses. Visitors and regular volunteers add quality of life, excitement and much needed interaction with wider society and all our beneficiaries, staff members and animals.


Please consider donating your skills, time and love and give an hour a week to Horizon Farm.

Whether you would like to help with our horse programme, make music with our residents, help care for our small animals, help prepare a meal or get involved in any way, please call the office at 031 769 1433 to make arrangements.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

General Enquiries


Contact Number
+27 (0) 31 769 1433


House Committee

Contact Person
Nell Cronje

Contact Number
+27 (0) 83 261 0639



Contact Person
Alec Collier

Contact Number
+27 (0) 84 729 1990



Our team is always ready and willing to assist you