Custom work is all about the needs of the customer, their expectations and the result that they envision. Tailoring our purposes to this end is our commitment; customer satisfaction our goal.

Skills & People

Collectively we have many good years of custom design and execution. From houses to picture frames with everything from furniture to crates, boxes and pallets in between we have had some wonderful and rewarding design and execution projects come to fantastic conclusions.


Inspiration & Creativity

We get excited about projects that we have not done before. If you have a challenge where our reclaimed timber and board materials can be used we would love to hear about it. More than that we believe we will prove excellent partners with you in achieving your goals!


Forty years ago we entered our first craft experience creating small products from leather and wood. We have never left that road and have gained a wealth of art and craft skills that we currently apply in our picture framing business.


Using 3D Modelling software we have the ability to present our customers with a virtual version of there desired creation prior to any actual physical work taking place. We export our results to a cutting planner and the process begins. Being able to virtually visualise what we want to create prior to build gives us a great sense of confidence going into any creation process.


Our team is always ready and willing to assist you