Where it all began

We have been involved in the reclaiming and manufacturing industry for the last 40 years and have built up an extensive resource and knowledge base. This experience is the foundation for our expertise in managing a high recovery rate of material from so-called “waste” in the market place. Our skills do not stop at our efficient reclaiming of material as we have developed many creative and practical uses for the spoils of our trade. We have been involved in many cottage craft industries over the years; manufacturing gifts, puzzles, toys, kitchens, cottage furniture, garden furniture, flooring, ceilings and even house building is among our abilities.

We currently produce a very wide range of exclusive moldings and picture frames,  of which are from reclaimed and reused materials. We are also developing an exclusive range of products made from our reclaimed timber and boards that will be available for the DIY market and hobby enthusiasts.

We like to think of ourselves as explorers, looking for value where it has not yet been found, taking the “sad and the sorry” and making it happy. Join us in having fun creating a lifestyle of abundance, health and joy by living in a world without waste. Live simply so others may simply live.

We love to explore possibilities not yet thought about, do things differently, try new ideas and have fun doing all of this. Laughter is the best medicine! We are on a journey of discovery. Tomorrow always brings something new, something unexpected. We are focused on making that journey meaningful and exciting. Goodbye boredom!

We speak the language of playing the game. We have positions, play on a field, pass to each other and score goals. We win because we love the game that we are playing.

We play for ourselves, our families, our team mates and our organization.

Our team is a team of champions. We are always doing the best we can and know that today we are doing better.


Our team is always ready and willing to assist you